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Feb. 4th, 2007

It's Time To Par-tay..

So tomorrow is the start of my Birthday week! This is how it looks:

5th Feb: Don't Be Needy Be Succeedy @ Comedy Store
6th Feb: Birthday Lunch with Dave and Ali @ Pizza Express, Soho
7th Feb: My party @ Comedy Store
8th Feb: (the day!) Spaniards Inn pub in Hampstead in the afternoon with the family and then Jayne’s for an evening in (getting pissed and eating.)
9th Feb: Rest day!
10th Feb: Rest day!
11th Feb: Comedy Store for the second part of my party!

So all in all a very eventful week! Which I am looking very forward to!

And then next week I should be starting or finding out my start date for my new job! Oh yes.

Right, I better go I need my sleep!


Jan. 6th, 2007

Something 'bout your body...

...I don't want no body....Oh god this song reminds me of last birthday when I kissed Henry the dribbling hoover. Good times. So it’s nearly here: Birthday 2007! Well at least this year I am doing something I wanted to do last year! The Comedy Store, I’m sadly excited about having a small (pirate theme) birthday party. Lots of laughter booze and comedy (I hope :P) the line up on the 7th looks very good and it’s Jim’s Birthday as well, so hopefully Jon and I can grab him up to the bar for a drink.

I’ve nearly sorted Jon’s present, although I’m still spilt on what to get him, it’s between two things at the moment. I’ll ask dad and see what he thinks. Oh! I got some new Knee highs, okay they are same as my old ones, but they have well and truly died on their arse so I had to get some new ones. I only got them because I know they are classiest knee high boots I have ever seen! Only £28 as well! Talking of new items I have recently got, I got a new white wrap shirt; it is honestly the sexist thing I have ever set eyes on. I never thought white suited me, but it does! I’ll be sporting that on the 7th under a corset! I am really looking forward to my birthday this year, although slightly scared because I am getting older! Job. Money. Job. Talking about Jobs, I am ringing the NHS (that sounds funny!) on Monday morning to see about the Cadet scheme and when it gets up and running again.

I am going to start tidying my room soon because we are moving everything around. Well it’s New Year and everyone needs a change. Oh and Emily got back in touch, to be honest part of me was hoping that was going to because apart from the fact she is going to keep asking out places that I don’t want to go, it also means chances are I’m going to be seeing Louie and…I mean he is lovely and everything, but ahhh. I don’t want to lead him on in anyway, and I feel that if we keep seeing each other plus Emily keep sticking her nose in, it will give him ideas. Honestly, I think too much.

Oh oh oh, I’m dropping so much weight, it’s mental! I have no idea what’s going on but I’m looking a lot slender than before Christmas! I think it’s because lately I’ve been growing a lot. I’ve grown two inches in height! Well I am well due a growth spurt!

Nothing too exciting happening next week I don’t think. We might be going to London Colney on Monday and Nick keeps going on about going to Battle sometime next week, which I’d rather not but somehow I know I’m going to be dragged there. Raaar.

Good times.

Jan. 5th, 2007

New Year. Newish Me. Kinda. Not.

I had a great start to the New Year at Jayne’s, I had so much fun. I really did! Drinking too much and had fun! Although only got an hours sleep! I got home at about midday, watched both of BJ’s Diary which made me feel all loved up and happy. Ate and then went to the store to see the Players New Years Day show, which was very good. I did enjoy that. So I’d say that was a wonderful start to the New Year!

Emily still isn’t talking to me and no word from Louie, how surprising. I was putting it down to his crap phone, but I think she may have had quite a bit of input somewhere along the way. So I’ll just think I’ll leave it. I texted her a while ago and still have no reply so I’m not going to try again; she went weird when we were on the phone when we last spoke. I mean I am pissed off because I gave her the second chance and she has done the same as before, I have my suspicions to why she has done this, and if it is for the reason I think it’s for then I can’t be bothered, I didn’t think she’d go like this…Well no. I did know. But ah well, this is record timing for someone to stop talking to me though. Give me a badge!

So, because of this I have taking action for 2007! I’m not going dwell on people who decide they don’t like me. At the end of the day, it’s their loss. So I shall be keeping to that! I have lots of wonderful things coming up this year, I won’t let people like her spoil it for me. I did like Louie though. Good things could have happened there.

I take it all back. I'm very annoyed with her.

Right, I must try and sleep. Try.

Dec. 29th, 2006

Merry Christmas!

Wow, Christmas 2006 was a good one this year. I thought it was going to be a bit rubbish, but it turned out to be bloody great!...Oh balls, just woke dad up with my music. Bad Rebecca. Anyway where was I? Oh yes, good Christmas! I may as well list what I got this year just to show off!

Motorola V3 Blue
New Look Lace Shoes
River Island Lace Skirt
Red Herring Lace Bag
La Senza Nightwear
River Island Sliver and Gold top
Three Mrs. Beeton cooking books
Truly Decadent Eau De Toilette
H&M brown wrap shirt
Eau De Toilette set
Shimmer make-up set
Classic make-up set
Sexy umbrella

I think that’s it, although I’m sure there is more, I just can’t remember! Oooh, and there is another present on the way dad just didn’t order it in time! I have an idea of what I want it to be, but I doubt it is! So yes, Santa was very nice to me this year! Christmas day was great, all very funny! Christmas lunch was pretty amazing this year! Although I haven’t been able to stop eating, honestly it’s just this time of year! I’m going gain about 50 stone, I just know I am! I’m really looking forward to New Years Eve at Jayne’s this year! Lots of booze, food and dancing! Start the year as I mean to go on! Then on New Years Day I am off to the store to see the players, I’m going to look so rough, but I’m sure that’ll add to the fun of it…I hope!

I’ve not spoken to Louie since he left for Hastings, so looking forward to hearing from him when he gets home. Oh and I feel that it’s going to go wrong with Emily, which frankly is record timing for me! I hope it doesn’t, but I just have a feeling!

You know when you get these really weird feelings? Well I feel that 2007 is going to be my year. The year where everything I’ve worked and fought for is going to pay off!

Right, I must go to bed. Although not to sleep I am going to watch the rest of Casanova. Oh David Tennant, come to me!

Happy New Year everyone!


Dec. 19th, 2006

Willpower? Nope, I have none.

So, Louie and I…Got friendly as we both seem to put it. I stayed the night at his, and to be honest I don’t know why. I mean something in me must have felt safe enough to let Emily and Ross go home and for me stay with him. Well what ever it was, I’m glad I did. I had a wonderful night. We just spoke all night…Well I say we spoke all night…We did get closer, but nothing too exciting! Oh, I don’t know what to think. I’m not sure if I should like him. Now reading that back I understand how stupid that sounds. But it’s as if part of my brain is stopping me from liking him in fear something terrible is going to happen. I mean he is such a lovely bloke, and we can talk for hours without stopping, which I take as a good sign. But, oh I don’t know, I’m so mixed up about it.

I think if anything did come of it things would become difficult because I’m friends with Emily and Ross…Well Emily was their friend before I swayed along and excited them both! And Emily has real tendencies to get involved, which is why this has moved so quickly. To be honest I don’t think either of us wanted it to move this quickly, but we were pushed together. Well I mean we aren’t together at all, we spoke about this and I said that I thought because we’ve only met each other twice that it would be better if we stayed friends and got to know each other and if something came of it, then great and if not, then we’d still be friends. He was totally fine with that, which worries me because in my mind it seems as if he waiting and it’s unfair to make him wait for me to make up my mind. But the more the days have gone on the more I am thinking about him, and from what I’ve heard he’s thinking about me. But there is still something in the back of mind saying no.

So all I can do is play it by ear and see what happens, but I don’t in anyway want to lead him on, this is all so complicated. Tell me again why I got back in contact with her?

Nearly Christmas..!


Dec. 15th, 2006


I take it back a little. Best song in the world.

Awake. Why!?

I need to be up at 10am tomorrow, why am I still awake!? I fell alseep earlier this evening, and now I can't sleep! I am off to Emily's in the morning for fun and stuff. Although I can picture it now it's just going to be much talk of Louie. Which I think I'll have to put a stop to. I think. I am still confused. I now understand why men are a pain in the arse. In more exciting news I am going to the Drill Hall again tonight, so that should be a laugh. AND it's nearly Christmas! I think I'm excited...?

Right, I must go and wash my face and read a little more of my porn book and then try and sleep. Won't be easy though. I am listening to the most amazing song in the world.

Love 'n' stuff.

Dec. 13th, 2006

Blimey, everything can change so quickly!

Wow, it’s been a while! Wow, it’s being an amazing odd time lately. Just wow.

Well what’s been happening…Hmmm, I’ve think I’ve stepped up my relationship with the bar staff, that’s very cool, I mean I had such an amazing time last Sunday I’ve not had that much fun there in ages! It was just so good and it was a good send off for Loz as well. Mr. Barman is sexy, so sexy. I have to have him.

And the most massive thing that has happened lately is that a couple of days ago I met up with Emily for the first time in about 6 years. I must admit it was very weird at first, I wasn’t quite sure what to say but that soon wore off and we had a massive catch up and I made her buy a corset, honestly I am going to get that girl into a skirt and looking stunning! So we wondered around Camden for a while (I admit, I wasn’t raving about doing that, I’m more a West End girl.) Then Emily got a call from Ross, her friend asking her if she and I wanted to go to the cinema to see Happy Feet. Wasn’t raving about that either, I think I was just nervous, I wasn’t sure how her friends would take to me. I mean I’m VERY different to all her other friends, or so I thought! Well I’m not different to Ross and Louie, but I am very different to Clare etc. So we jumped on the bus and met up with Ross, who I swear I nearly fainted when I saw him, wasn’t what I was expecting at all. Very pretty. We all walked back to Emily’s, I didn’t speak much I mean I didn’t know what to say. So I may have come across weird at first but when we got in Em’s I relaxed a lot.

So we just sat about in her room, messing about. I was so convinced Ross didn’t like me, but I kept at it! So after about an hour we left to walk up the road to meet Louie, now when I saw Louie I nearly died, that was really NOT what I was expecting, in fact I don’t think I could have ever dreamt it! He is about 10ft tall (okay, slightly dramatic, but I do have to look up to talk to him!) And so posh, it’s mad. (Although according to Em I’ve become posher since school!) So we set off to see Happy Feet! Can I just add we had to RUN for a bus. I mean for fucks sake, I wasn’t told there was going to be running! But it was all very funny! So we got in there, me still totally thinking they both hate me! But anyway the film was okay, a very deep message in there. It’s not all about a tap dancing penguin!

So we came out and walked back to Em’s via Subway, but on the way back Louie and I really seem to hit it off. He writes comedy, he is VERY funny. So funny I started to cry laugh, so he is good. We have the same sense of humour…Well maybe not the same but I understand his. So while Em and Ross walked off holding hands (so something going on there!) We were just walking down the down making each other laugh. So we got to Em’s said our goodbyes to the boys and went into her place. Then I didn’t leave till 12.45am! Had such a good time. Also turns out that Ross thought I was REALLY funny, fuck knows why, but he didn’t hate me as much as I thought. Well he doesn’t hate me at all…Louie left a lasting impression on me….So much so I haven’t really been able to stop thinking about him. But I have no idea why. So Em jumped on this and now thinks we’d be perfect together. I admit we’d be good. :P

I rang her today and she said that she spoke to Louie and he REALLY liked me, now I wasn’t expecting that. I mean honestly wasn’t expecting that. He wants to see me again. She said he was saying how I understood him and how intelligent I was. (Which made me laugh.) But yeah, am very flattered. Everyone was singing my praises that day. I don’t think any of her family expected to turn out the way I have done. But it’s understandable. I am great. :P

Nothing much happened today, just went to Morden to see my Aunty and Uncle and hand over/pick up Christmas presents. That was fun. Although I’ve had hardly any sleep for the last week. I’ve been in and out so much. All good fun though. Am off to Maidstone on Thursday to do the whole present thing with my other aunty, so that should be nice.

Right, I should try and go to bed, there has been so much I have wanted to write, but haven’t so It’ll have to be in another entry!

Oh and as for if I’ll take anything further with Louie I don’t know, I still want someone else. Oh well I’ll just enjoy Christmas and get back to my men in the New Year! ;)


Nov. 28th, 2006

I had a tap on my window....I'm never using that plumber again...

...Was just one of the cracking lines from Kong tonight…Well last night now! I must say I did have a lot of fun! I do love a good shouting out session and there were a bevvy of very good looking men there. Barman extraordinaire was working tonight, so was lovely eye candy, but it still bothers me how stunning he is. Bastard!

So I’ve not updated for a while, nothing too exciting to mention I don’t think. Sorry got distracted there; I was just sending a message to Robin. (Funny man.) But yes, things I have been doing. Well on Friday I went to see Jim and Josie and got very drunk after the show in the bar. That was fun. The show wasn’t too bad either! I am meant to be going again tomorrow (yes, going to ALL four recordings!) But frankly I don’t know if I can be arsed. But we’ll see tomorrow. If I don’t I’ll just go on the 15th and the 22nd. So we’ll see if I can be arsed tomorrow. I’m at the store on Wednesday doing Glam. So looking forward to that, because...Well I’m gonna look hot.

I should go to sleep now. My sleeping pattern is so cocked at the moment; it’s terrible I must sort it out before Christmas. I won’t. But I should! Right I should be off, I’ll do a sort of proper update tomorrow maybe since I’ve yet to mention what happened to me in Tesco! Honestly everywhere I go men do not leave me alone. It’s shocking!


Nov. 24th, 2006

I'm going to do it...

....Yes! I am going to build my own website again.

This is all very exciting!

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